The Inside the Courtroom blog has no connection to any state or federal court.  It is not connected in any way with the State of Maryland, the government of the United States or the District of Columbia, or any government agency or judicial institution.

Nothing posted on this blog, or visible on the insidecourtroom.com website, is legal advice.  Do not assume that anything stated on this blog will be applicable to your particular situation.  You should not rely on, or act upon, anything you see, read, click on, post, or do on this blog site.  The only way to obtain legal advice is through direct consultation with a qualified attorney that is knowledgeable about your particular situation, and is a member of the bar of the relevant jurisdiction.

The Inside The Courtroom blog is not an advertisement for legal services.

Nothing you see, read, click, post, or do on this blog site makes you my client, or a client of the Law Office of Steven J. Lewicky, LLC.  Before you can become my client, or a client of the Law Office of Steven J. Lewicky, LLC, a law firm conflict of interest check must be performed, and a written retainer agreement executed.  Unless or until these steps are fully completed, you must not deliver any confidential information to me, through email, blog posts, comments, or otherwise.

I am an active member in good standing of the Maryland and District of Columbia bars, and I am an inactive member of the California bar.  When I provide legal advice to clients (and I do not provide legal advice through this blog), I do so only in the context of being licensed to practice within the above two jurisdictions.

If you send me something, unless you expressly state otherwise in writing at the time it is delivered to me, by the act of delivering it to me you thereby give me permission to use it in any way I choose, including by publishing it on this blog site or elsewhere on the internet.

Under no circumstances may you send me information that is in any way confidential or privileged. This includes both your own information that you consider to be confidential or privileged, or information of a third party that the third party may consider to be confidential or privileged.

Views expressed in posts on the Inside The Courtroom blog are solely those of the author of the particular post, and should not be attributed to any other person or organization.

If you click on a link within this blog site, and thereby leave this website and go elsewhere, I make no representations about the content of third party websites that you may reach through links founds on this blog, and I do not endorse the content found on any third party websites or blogs.

All content found on the Inside The Courtroom blog is copyrighted by Steven J. Lewicky, except blog posts or comments posted by third parties, which are copyrighted by the authors of such posts.  Copying or downloading of any content from this website is strictly prohibited, other than in cases in which express prior written license and permission has been granted by Steven J. Lewicky.


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